#fluscenario Pandemic phase

28 Nov

By the time the pandemic was declared, there were 400 UK cases, nearly 20k internationally

Newsnight Scotland discusses the pandemic

Links of interest:
What it was like – patient perspective and long recovery
What it was like – sudden death
What it was like – the mild asthmatic
What it was like – the pregnant woman
The doctor’s perspective

More information about pregnancy and swine flu, and

Questions you might want to discuss:

Planning figures suggested up to 50% of the population might get ill, and a large number might need Intensive Care. How will the system cope?
If pregnant women are more at risk, what effect might that have?
Imagine now that numbers just grow and grow and grow. Services start to be overwhelmed. How are prioritisation decisions made, about who gets intensive care? ECMO?
How do hospitals provide all that extra intensive care at short notice?
Can you remember what projected deaths might have been? How would your home town have coped if 1.5% of the population had died within 2 weeks?
What happens to public services if 50% of the population is ill?
What do the people coordinating these services normally do? What’s happening to those tasks?


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