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Why not #MakeYourDayHarder?

11 Jun

Today sees the launch of a national campaign, #MakeYourDayHarder, where people make their day harder (get off a stop early, park at back of lot, take stairs, have a walking meeting, ride, walk to lunch, etc.) and then share +/- pic/video on social (twitter, FB, instagram) with the #MakeYourDayHarder hashtag.

Why are we doing this? See below (PA=Physical Activity). The black line is sedentary time. Sitting disease has become an independent risk factor for poor health outcomes. People who are active but sit all day have worse outcomes.

This is not about workouts, sports etc., it’s about working activity into your average day. The guy/gal who take the stairs while everybody else is escalating is our hero.

Who: An Olympian/Doctor (@JaneSThornton), a design agency (@pivoting), a patient engagement star (@emily_Nicholas8), more doctors (@docmikeevans, @docandrewmurray) and me (@e_hothersall). We don’t have any funding. We are just doing to see if we can start to make a little social nudge towards more activity in our days. Kind of an experiment to see if we can start changing the culture of easy.

The new website has just launched and summarises science about both sitting disease and challenges (i have arthritis, i am too tired, too busy, etc..)

More info: a less than 4 minute video explains the plan

The Whiteboard explaining the science

What you can do: 1) spread the word.

2).Help with the launch today by tweeting #MakeYourDayHarder about something, or putting it on Facebook or other social media. Dr Mike Evans is giving a speech today at the YMCA on “The Better Life Experiment at 6 pm to launch, so getting involved with that online would be great.