Edit: November 2015 – some of these links will be out of date. I will update a new resources page for #fluscenario 2015

BBC Video clip about early response to swine flu in Mexico

WHO pandemic phases

Early UK phases:

UK infections
World reactions
BBC sound file – is swine flu being over-hyped? 
School closures and here

Panic begins over drug availability (REMEMBER: No vaccine has been developed yet)
GPs might not work in pandemic

Pandemic phase:

Newsnight Scotland discusses the pandemic

Links of interest:
What it was like – patient perspective and long recovery
What it was like – sudden death
What it was like – the mild asthmatic
What it was like – the pregnant woman
The doctor’s perspective

More information about pregnancy and swine flu, and


Extra reading and info

What role did pharma have to play in the decisions made about Tamiflu?

Infection control

UK Response phases


If this scenario has fired a passion in you, perhaps you would like to look at these links for further reading:


WHO on swine flu and pandemic flu preparedness

EU project modelling different strategies for dealing with a flu epidemic/pandemic

Seasonal flu (2011)

Current flu vaccination guidance

Health Protection Scotland flu links

Health Protection Agency (England) flu links

The UK Influenza Preparedness Strategy 2011

Also, one of the original authors, Dr Chloe Selwood, has published a book on pandemic influenza. You can get more details here.

As a result of the shortcomings identified during the 2009 pandemic, a new Pandemic influenza preparedeness framework was created by the WHO. It outlines principles for sharing viral samples, genetic sequences, scientific data, anti viral medication and vaccines internationally.

Use of Social Media for predicting pandemics 
Annalisa Manca has found some great extra reading on the Social Media side, if you’re interested in that aspect:
TED talk on Social media predicting epidemics
Science daily
Toronto Sun on Twitter predicting flu
flu at goomedic, and more specifically, swine flu news channels


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