#fluscenario 2013

These are the scenarios as they were run in 2013 and 2012. The 2014 fluscenario sessions will be different but I have left these for reference.

These sessions are designed to introduce you to influenza (known from here on as flu). By the time you have finished, you should know more about:

    • Epidemics and pandemics
    • Emergency planning
    • The role of social media in communication in a health setting

Structure of the sessions

There are 4 sessions in total, broadly corresponding to the different stages of a pandemic:
Session 1 – Planning and preparation
Session 2 – Epidemic/early pandemic
Session 3 – Late pandemic
Session 4 – Wrap up and lessons learned

You are asked to go through all 4 scenarios, and make comments via twitter using this hashtag #fluscenario. Please use the questions as a guide for discussion: you do not need to write essays, or answer every question. This is about having a conversation about flu and emergency planning, not your writing skills.

Students who do not wish to sign up to Twitter for privacy reasons are still expected to take part, although they will not be able to join in the online conversation. If you feel strongly that you do not wish to use Twitter you must read the scenarios, follow the conversation, and email your reflection and learning points by the Friday of the week of the scenario.

You can find more information about the scenarios and Twitter in the PPT slides here: #FluScenario Introduction.

You are reminded again that Twitter is a public forum, and professionalism is expected. There’s a useful article about Twitter dos and don’ts here. Please also remember the usual rules about confidentiality, data protection, professionalism etc, all apply too.

These scenarios are closely based on original work on the #nhssm blog, and we gratefully acknowledge the help of Alex Talbott and Dr Chloe Sellwood PhD FRSPH, Pandemic and Seasonal Influenza Resilience Manager at NHS London, who wrote the original scenarios


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